Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Anthony Weiner's Uncensored Penis Pic Leaked To The Internet

Anthony Weiner

Author and blogger, Andrew Breitbart, made an appearance on the Sirus satellite radio show "Anthony And Opie" to talk about the sexting scandal surrounding congressman Anthony Weiner. During the interview, Breitbart whipped out his mobile phone to show the hosts a photo of Weiner's penis, the congressman had texted to a woman, who in turn inappropriately leaked the picture to the blogger.

This lead to the uncensored penis pic being released unto the internet today, in conduct that is inappropriate and a criminal violation of Weiner's rights. Though Weiner's conduct in consensually sending said picture to a woman, who was not his wife, is unethical and a betrayal of his marriage vows, he did so privately with the "reasonable expectation to privacy" as prescribed by law.

The censored version of Anthony Weiner's private parts shown on the "Anthony and Opie" show

I don't agree with Weiner's politics, but humiliating him or anyone in this manner is wrong. Adults and teenagers have committed suicide over such sexting photos going public without their consent, not able to handle the public humiliation, over what was a private moment.

In the Erin Andrews case, an innocent sportscaster suffered great emotional trauma and distress, after her privacy was invaded by a perverse person that criminally snapped photos of her, through a hotel room key hole, then illegally made it public.

Andrew Breitbart - well, now we know what he is doing online all day - staring at photos of people's genitals without their permission

Breitbart had no right leaking the picture to the world. It was perverse and cruel. Society has lost its sense of decency, decorum and humanity, when humiliating people in states of undress, against their will, for ratings, attention and sexual gratification, has illegally become common in Hollywood.

It is disgraceful and inhumane. Such conduct criminally violates international human rights charters and domestic law, as it is the act of denying another person human dignity and privacy. The Judiciary Report does not like the direction society is going in that some are proud of degrading another human being in this fashion.

Anthony Weiner and wife Huma Abedin

To the public, a show of hands, how many of you out there would want someone to illegally take it upon themself, to post an uncensored picture of your genitals or that of your grown children online, for the world to see, without permission or consent? Think about that. The majority of you would say no, because at the end of the day, it is a degrading act of cruelty and an invasion of privacy. No one deserves that.

Side Bar: Dude, get real! You're walking around with a picture of another person's private parts on your mobile phone, that you weren't even supposed to see in the first place. It's not cool - it's creepy. What kind of mess it that. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Side Bar 2: You'd be surprised how many perverted people in Hollywood are insidiously walking around with nude pictures of people on their mobile phones, taken without their knowledge or consent, by invasive means. It is mental illness. Sodom and Gomorrah indeed...


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